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Easy and high-speed accounting program. It is recommended for small business owners, financial managers and accountants. Double-sided Balance Sheet in form of customizing tree of accounts is always on the screen. Every financial transaction modifies it. Results on parent accounts are equal to sum of results on their children. You can create new accounts directly in the trees of current Balance Sheet or additional ledgers. It is easy to rename or move any account from one folder to another. Nice intuitive navigation: from Balance Sheet through entry in T-account to financial transaction. You can insert, edit or delete any financial transaction on any date. Changes in Balance Sheet will immediately display. Multiple currency support for the whole chart of accounts. Balance Sheet can be displayed separately for every currency layer or for sum of all currency layers with their rates. A new currency could be added at any moment of the accounting process. Leader Classic allows to view instant Balance Sheet on any previous or future date. Balance Sheet is always on the screen. Every financial transaction modifies it. You can use Simple Accounting Transaction that affects only two accounts or Composite Accounting Transaction that allows to affect many accounts simultaneously, create templates and use formulas. You can install Leader Classic on local computer or in client-server configuration. Application uses Firebird Embedded technology of SQL access to database and can work both in local and client-server modes.

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